Friday, April 9, 2010


Our deputy Prime Minister was pressured to answer a vital question whether he is a Malaysian first or a Malay first and he said Malay first then only Malaysian. That's all the opposition wanted to hear from him because by confessing that, the 1Malaysia motto which stated very clearly being Malaysian first then only comes ethnic background, is in limbo, at least for Muhyddin.

I am not dicussing politics here but was thinking about first things first. What Christians suppose to say when one asks, "Are you Christian first or Malaysian first?" Or "Is God first, then ministry second and family third?"

I learned a long time ago about taking things in order, what comes first then second so on and so forth. This is my stand.

I don't want to state which comes first until some decisions I need to make. If I put which comes first, then I am bound by it. It will be like a horserace where everything you do, you would have to constantly adjust back and forth.

In my head right now, God is not first in my life, He is everything in my life! If I am schedule to preach in a church and I saw an emergency which is far more important, I would choose to attend to the emergency. I don't need to play up the popularity issue where the politicians have to everytime!

What if I have to break a law to save a life (I mean an innocent life?) I will save a life! What if I see a Chinese and a Malay in need at the same time which I can only help one? I will see who is in greater need and help him. If I say Chinese first, then Malaysian, then I would help the Chinese fella, instead of the Malay.
(I am not perfect so sometimes I do jumble up some things)

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