Friday, January 14, 2011


As the world develops and its needs arise, so would be the prices of foods. Next generation, many people predicted that wars and figthing would be caused by expensive foods and scarcity of water. Moreover, floods and natural calamities have caused crops to fail and food prices to escalate.

Back to my own backyard in Malaysia, that one small bowl of Meatball noodles cost me RM6 (big bowl costs RM7) that drink of coffee with milk RM2. My breakfast that day, RM8. I am talking about a normal road side coffee shop! (That shop lah)

One brother in church was conversing with me about profiteering. He said when 1 kilo of sugar was raised 30 sen, the teh tarik and coffee a cup rose 10 sen respectively. Hey, do they know how to calculate or not??

I am concerned for the future of the next generation where everything becomes more expensive. In Chinese proverbial saying, 'finding two meals' simply means able to live without much problem. But I wonder the younger generation coming up to society able to "find three meals or more" or perhaps difficult even to find two meals.

Yes, water in Brisbane river and Brazil is rising and so does the food on earth!

Solution: Choose what and where to eat. Eat within your means. Most importantly, we eat to live and not live to eat.

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