Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Whew! What a year that was! It was crazy November and December months in 2010 that I thought I could even collapse and die! But God saw me through and His grace is super sufficient! All glory to God!

Things God enabled me to experience in 2010 ....

1. Youth Enrichment School (YES) 2010 - evangelism class

2. Started POWER SUNDAY for the youth

3. Dad's baptism - had to be the most memorable of them all!

4. Graduated to Masters in Ministry after 10 or more years!

5. Had a great Cambodia missions trip - it was the most memorable one that I could remember.

6. Had a wonderful Christmas service in church (most of my family members came)

7. Had a powerful Watchnight Camp with Rev. Ruth Ch'ng - highlight - baptism and some miraculous testimonies

8. Squeezed out four Vineyard quarterly magazines - the last one was the Team's most happiest to date.

9. Huge Camp ninth season was one of the best to date - God moved so powerfully in our midst!

10. The Christmas Shoebox Gift campaign - visited three children homes and was so touched by what I saw.

11. The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) was a success - Encourage, Enable and Empower the youth were what I got most from all the teachings and preparations.

12. Had a Christmas open house for neighbours and some of my wife's collegues - great way to build relationships.

13. Reaching out to Uncle Yaw before he died and how God used Ps. Anne and myself to help his brother entered in Rumah Charis Old Folks Home.

There were some great moments and some not so great moments! But the Hand of God was all over my life! All glory to Him alone!

I envision a great twenty eleven!

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