Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The title above was not sung by me but by Joshua, Ps. Anne's nephew cum godson. He went for a month (yes, yes, a month!) to a remote village in Sudan, Africa for a mission trip. I haven't spoken to him (during this bloggy entry) but from Ps. Anne, he did a great job, teaching English, Bible, guitars, and playing football with them. But what struck me was the meals he ate there. For the whooping one month, he ate only beans and rice! And to the African, that is already luxury! OMG! When he came back, at the airport, he wanted to eat ice cream and all of a sudden, he actually lost his tastebuds for ice cream! I salute you, Josh! Great job! (He will be coming to the Vineyard Church this Sunday, talk to him personally)

Here we are thinking of this for lunch....

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