Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The above comment was a conclusion to a radio’s message of not doing something else while driving. “DEAD WRONG”, I screamed foul! Maybe they heard my wail that they decided to end that advert. How could one NOT multi task in this world of plurality. Don’t tell me I cannot watch TV and read my newspaper at the same time. Don’t tell me that I cannot eat my ice cream while I enjoy watching football. Don’t tell me I cannot eat my pop-corn while I enjoyed the movie, MUMMY! Spiritually, don’t tell me I cannot play my piano and worship God! (I can’t play piano lah, I am speaking for Sher-Mayne). Long winded lastly, don’t tell me I cannot serve in other ministries as well as being a Youth Pastor.

Ahbathen, when you are driving, please don’t multi-task! When you are having exams, please don’t multi-task. Important! Important! When you sit and listen to sermon, please DON’T multi-task!

Conclusion: You were born to multi-task - but do it wisely!

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