Friday, April 10, 2009


I tried to get a right poem for Good Friday to this blog but couldn't until I found this one. This was written by Frogzter. I thank her for a beautiful,marvellous poem! Praise the Lord!

I cherish the old rugged cross,
for what it truly means to me,
for while I was still a sinner,
my saviour died to set me free.

The cross represents my freedom,
to follow the ancient of days,
it guarantees my salvation,
as I learn to walk in His ways.

It means that I am a believer,
and I fall prostrate at his feet,
when I kneel to humble myself,
His presence is ever so sweet.

The cross stands for humanity,
stepping stone to heaven above,
I throw my burdens at his feet,
and revel in agape' love.

For our Father so loved the world,
he relinquished his only Son,
that no child of his should perish,
when once our lives on earth is done.
Dear Lord, I give you glory and I worship You! I can never thank You enough for what You had done for me, a lowly being who doesn't even deserve Your second glance. Yet, You endured the cross just to save me. Thank a quadrillion x quadrillion times! I will live to serve You and honour You, my Lord and Saviour. Amen!

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