Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yesterday I watched the movie, "KNOWING" and found out it was excitingly terrifying prophecy show that was tinged with Christian background. I don't want to spoil the show in case you haven't watch it but let me do a little review for you.

The visual effects were suberb and REALLY frightening. The acting was brilliant! It was like prophecy, action, horror and sci fi all rolled up in one. It is gripping and intense! Only Hollywood could produce such block busters.

As a Christian, I felt satisfied with the end results although the doctrines are not accurate but who can blame them as Hollywood is always thinking of MONEY more than pleasing religious ones like me. At the end, I was pleased.

Anyways, the show reminds me of the coming of the end-time prophesied in the Bible, and sometimes, Hollywood talks more about it than Christians do. I wonder why? Maybe they feel something that we don't! After coming out of the cinema, I am assured that the Second coming of the Lord Jesus is close!

My Rating: Must see (but be afraid, be very afraid)

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