Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I blogged about Kong Le Lee being the current greatest mother in Malaysia. There are two more mothers I want to pay tribute in this bloggy entry.

1. Few day ago, there was a teenager in a court case, convicted of acting violently against an officer, reported in the Star newspaper. The judge was about to sentence him and to everyone's surprise he (the judge) turned to this particular boy who was caught together with many others, all of them were in the courts that day. He lectured the teenager about his mother, who is a single mother, that she raised him up alone so painstakingly by being a security guard to make ends meet. And now how he (the boy) broke her heart by doing this wicked thing. The judge ordered the boy to go over to the sobbing mother who was sitting there to ask for forgiveness. The boy went over, knelt down and seek forgiveness from her and he wept. He promised not to repeat this again and vowed to be a good boy in obedient to the mother. Almost everyone in the court were teary eyed including all those more serious offenders. Then the judge said this, "Your mother has saved you from a harsher judgment" and did not jail him, instead he must be in police's good books from then on.

A son is always a son to a mother no matter what! When I read this news, I thanked the judge for a powerful sentence he had given, not prison but a healthy rehabilitation!

2. I read another heart breaking news today of a family who died in a capsized boat except a boy. He was struggling in the water about to drown when he stumbled upon his mother's dead body floating in the water. He hung on the body until he was saved. Even a dead mother still fulfilled her responsibility! She saved her son by her death which I believe she would do when she is alive just like Kong Le Lee!

I believe there are many other inspiring stories of great mothers! THANK YOU MOM!

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