Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I love to laugh at good jokes and I love to tell jokes that make people laugh, I mean make people genuinely laugh. In this world of pain and stress, humor works like medicine. That's why when I preach, I always add humor to my sermon, not for the sake of telling people I know a lot of jokes but to offer genuine laughters to stress-filled people. I believe many people are not laughing enough to live a healthy life.

But there are jokes that are funny to many people but hurting to some whom the jokes were intended in the first place. David Letterman (Talk show host) and some DJs had cracked jokes that had offended others just to make some laugh.

And there are jokes which are dangerous to begin with. In Great Britain, a man was charged for a joke posted on his Twitter that he would blow up an airport sky high if his flight was delayed. You said, "Come on, get a life!" They say, "Get a lawyer!"

And in Malaysia, a youth was charged for inciting violence on a facebook. Maybe he was just joking, or maybe not, the case is in the court now.

Either in Facebook or Twitter, one can get a little bolder in what we express because we thought only my friends can view our comments. And it has become dangerous today. You can get jail for bold statements that border violence.

I remember once I was boarding a plane and jokingly said to a friend that I must dispose all my "weapons", I got a rude stare from a fellow passenger. There and then I found out it was a crime to joke about these things either on an airport or up on the air.

Young people, please be warned about the jokes you post on the Internet. You may find yourself in serious trouble and don't tell the authority, "Come on, get a life!" You may find them telling you, "Get a Lawyer!"

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