Thursday, January 7, 2010


I read an interesting article on Star the other day about prom nights. Prom nights start to get popular in Kuala Lumpur not so long ago but in the United States, it was like ancient! It is normally organised by students themselves usually involving colleges when their graduates get together for one last time. It has since caught on by secondary schools especially those who just completed fifth form.

Prom nights are usually held in expensive hotels for the ambience and the environment. The organising students get sponsors from people so that the attendees don't have to pay so much for the entrance fees. But I read some spend hundreds of dollars for their dresses and coats. Some rented sports cars to pick up their dates.

My Observation....

Few good things about prom nights...

1. It gives the students a last rara get together before they are thrusted into the working world.

2. New friends are made and particpants may get their potential girl or guy as their partner in life.

3. Participants learn social skills and the grooming thingy sometimes from their chic parents and older friends. (Bah...In my time, where got Prom nite?)

4. It gives participants a sense of pride of freedom, ushering in a new beginning.

Some not so good things about prom nights...

1. There is a lot of booze and some being challenged to drink to be considered cool.

2. Many rented rooms at hotel the next day and have sex!

3. Some couldn't afford to buy new dress or coat, ending up being discouraged.

4. Some don't have dates and simply pluck one from who knows where, ending up like a sore loser.

5. Some didn't get to go because they were shy, ending up with brokenness like a monkey on their backs in their life.

6. The secondary school students are simply too young indulge in this activity, usually styled exactly like clubbing.

7. Thank God in my time, we don't have Prom Nights, cause I would be ended up with problems of 3 and 4 and 5 - OMG!

Anyway, for Christians youth, please be careful that you will not fall into the trap of having a good time, without thinking of consequences!

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