Friday, October 3, 2008


1998 - V2 (Vineyard Vessels) was born. Samuel Song was the first president. Very excited.

1999 - Meeting every saturday and building the foundation.

2000 - We started our first V2 Cafe in church. Rebecca Wong took over the helm. More youth join.

2001 - More youth join. More outing too. More souls won for Jesus.

2002 - Sher-Mayne became president. Rebecca went to UUM. V2 grew more solid. Some youth grew up from Sunday School joined us while some youth flew elsewhere (some hilang too).

2003 - Worship came to the forefront. Tried training leaders for future. More visions envisioned.

2004 - V2 stabilized. More youth saved. More youth grew up from SS and joined the youth.

2005 - Leon Wong took over. Sher-Mayne flew to Australia. Youth spiritual lives intensified.

2006 - More youth joined. More programs. More leaders. Kay Renn went Bible College Malaysia.

2007 - Tee Juan went BCM too. Youth Cell started in homes. More youth joined.

2008 - Sandra went HillSongs. Youth Cell stabilized. More youth joined. Blazin' Aces staged.

To all those who have helped and contributed one way or the other, V2 thank God for you, for your labour is/was not in vain!

11th October 2008 -
10th Anniversary of V2.
Come celebrate with us!

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