Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Burj Dubai, under construction.

Burj, Dubai. The artist impression.

Dubai, a city in the Middle East is currently building the world tallest structure. It is been kept secret of its final height and rignt now, it is 707 metres and still going higher. Some predicted it would be 818 metres and 162 stories high. When completed, it will also have a whopping 200 metres of dancing water fountain right at the foot of the place. The tower is called Burj Dubai.
Imagine, almost 1km up the sky! I believe when we get to the top, you can touch clouds. Perhaps, spiderman may even have problem scaling that high. Man and technology advances are now able to build the "Tower of Babel" literally. Burj Dubai will stand supreme as far as man-made buildings are concerned.
But what about the condition of humans today? Is God proud of human beings for building tall towers? Can we stand tall and say, "we have lived well"? The earth has never experienced lasting peace as far as our history is concerned. Still today, untold sufferings through endless wars and man-made calamities plague the world.
Let not Christians stand in awe of tall buildings, rather let us stand tall in awe of what God can do through us.
Ps. When it's finished, it's almost double the height of the Petronas Twin Towers!

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