Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I came across a survey (couldn't verify whether it's true or not) that more people are becoming Christians today than ever before (great to hear) but more people are leaving church (oops!). What is happening here? Are we still relevant to the world today? During my time, when my mom asked me to sit still, I would sit still until further notice. Today, if someone asks a teenager to sit still, he/she will retort back with sharp questions like, "Why should I sit, why not stand?" or "Why should I sit here and not there?" or "Eish...why should I listen to you?"

DL Moody, the famous evangelist said, "If you meet a hundred people on the street and you will find that one would want to read the Bible to find the truths about God but 99 others read Christians."

Yes, they read Christians! They don't care what you say even though you have a PHD in Theology but when you live right, they notice you.

Today, many people are not living the way God wants them to live and these people are finding people to accept them and love them. Yes, they cherish people who agree with them.

What should a Christian do?

Yes, we must accept and love them like Jesus did.
No, we shouldn't agree with them BUT no need to yell out our views.

Christians should use our lives to reach out to seekers by,,,

1. Love and compassion
2. Living a godly life with joy
3. Accepting them into our lives if they want to become our friends but stay away from what they do (this is the most difficult part for most Christians).

I believe the seekers understand you if you do not want to be like them, but only when you already build a relationship with them.

This movie "Lord, save us from Your followers" had been shown in the US in September this year to great reviews! It tells us so much about how the world perceive the Christians...(although this is in US but whatever is in US will certainly come to Malaysia one day - maybe it's already here)

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