Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Benitez: Shall I go or not!

I am heart broken by the latest strings of poor results of Liverpool matches. Losing to Chelsea was not so bad but to Florentina, Lyon and Sunderland (OMG). Liverpool has not lost to Sunderland since 1991 (28 years ago).

It has been 20 years since Liverpool last became champion in English football, yes, 20 long years and it looks like fans like Tom and Dick and Ronnie are tired of Liverpool being second best. Something needs to change. Does Benitez, the manager, need to be replaced? Yes, he has done some great work but not good enough. Maybe he needs to walk alone for a while and think about things or his future.

I have been a fan of Liverpool club for almost 40 years and we will not part ways until Jesus comes. But before He comes, come on, Liverpool, win the title lah.

Maybe the motto, "You'll never walk alone" should change to "Walk by faith!"

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