Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I think you should have read the now famous Singapore topless car washing service. Four topless ladies were employed to carwash for about 20 men who were selected through a website. The girls were paid, $1,400 Sing. Dollar for the work. One lady car washer from China was expelled from her college in Singapore just two months before graduation. One boy whose girlfriend was one of them was cool towards the whole thing. Is it cool? To have your dignity violated for less than two thou? I am not sure if I still want her to be my wife when she could expose herself publicly for some cheap cash!

To some, nudity may be cool but to me, it is a very private thing. I used to have one or two dreams of being naked on the street and woke up sweating profusely. Thank God it is not real! I would not do it for a million dollars! Anyway no one would give me a million for my nakedness!

Few things I observe in this constantly changing world,

1. People couldn't care less about what others think.

2. If I feel good, then I'll do it.

3. I want to be famous. Please talk about me! In the facebook, twitter!

4. Hey, you dare or not!

5. I just want to be entertained. Amusement derived from the root word, 'amuse', meaning 'No thinking'

PS: Recently it was uncovered in Hong Kong that teenagers as young as 14 served as call girl just to get enough money for branded stuffs!

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