Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I must admit I do not know who Gary Chaw is but I did hear of Justin Lo before. Later I found out that Gary is a Malaysian who made it big in Taiwan and Hong Kong. But what Gary did in full view of reporters and friends was something shameful. He kicked and punched Justin like a man gone wild. There are many theories about why he did what he did.

First of all, definitely there was the element of alcohol in the whole thing. Honestly, I was not a drinker but before I became a Christian, I did try drinking. When I took a lot (in my standard), I felt somehow I was able to boldly talk and to talk sarcastically. And many people pretend to be drunk so that they could do something they cannot do when they are sober like punching and kicking someone they dislike. I had seen fights many times after much drinking. I remember once my parents took me to a wedding dinner and suddenly chairs began to fly. We knew that fighting had broken out and we rushed out in the nick of time. There was also once in a restaurant where a table was overturned by a disgruntled person I believe was intoxicated.

Secondly, perhaps Gary Chaw has an anger problem. He couldn’t control himself when someone said something that he disliked. I heard this is not the first time he had gone wild in anger. Gary had everything that he wanted yet deep within him there is something that he has not come to terms with. A deep hurt only God can solve. Perhaps when he was a child, he had not dealt fully with discouragement or grief or unforgiveness. I have heard and even seen rich people living sad lives!

Last but not least, Gary and Justin may have something they needed to solve within them. Friends don’t kick friends like that. On the surface they might be friends, but I believe issues of the heart are not fully settled. Jealousy, hurtful words spoken, different opinions which they may have taken too seriously, just to name a few.

When I first became a Christian, God began to heal me of my hurts mostly from verbal abuse. Today I could say I was 80% healed (Praise the Lord) but there is always that 20% of insecurities that would blow up whenever someone said something hurtful.

Why do I still have that 20%? Seriously, I don’t know. Maybe it is there to keep me humble and to always be grateful for the healing that God performed on me.

PS: I drove past a signboard this morning with a picture of Gary Chaw smiling so handsomely. I hope he could take a look at himself in this picture and say, “Hey, I can be like that, happy and satisfied with my life”


Poh Wei said...

Drinking is a culture in Melbourne. Uni societies always organise events in bars with "free flow beer" haha... But I've never joined any of them or wanted to.

The pubs are pack every night esp on Friday and Saturday night. Can see all "kinds" of fashion on the street as they go to those bars.

I've seen many drunk ppl on the train shouting and acting weirdly before...haha...


Bars and drinking are culture as far as the West is concerned. Is Australia west or east....hehehe