Saturday, September 26, 2009


UPDATE: Carolyn has given birth to a healthy baby boy and given back to its rightful mother. Sean and Carolyn had even sent them heartiest congratulations! What a great story in a mess-up world!

Carolyn Savage and husband Sean were so happy to find out that Carolyn was pregnant with their child. Then came the "out of the world" phone call as if a ton of bricks came crashing on them. The fertility center said that she had carried someone else's baby. How did it happen? Or rather, how could it happen? They had put in the wrong embryo into Carolyn's womb which is like one in a multi-million chance!

Carrying for eight months, nurturing it with great expectation to cuddle the baby and then whoosh, all came to nought!

The real mother of the baby, Shannon Morell and her husband Paul have mixed feelings, on one hand, excited and the other hand, distraught at the suffering of Carolyn.

What makes this story so extraordinary was Sean and Carolyn did the right thing, they will hand the baby back to the rightful owner. To many, this issue would have gone to the courts to be fought bitterly! Some may even abort the baby!
Carolyn said it was the most difficult thing that had happened to her but the first thing she thought was to give back the baby! This is definitely the grace of God and I salute her and her husband. They did not even name the fertility clinic for fear of backlash. They knew it was a mistake and mistake happens! If only the world has more of you guys!

Shannon Morell was so grateful to her indeed! "How do you thank somebody for what they've done?" Shannon Morell said. "I could say thank you a million different ways." She felt so guilty although it was not her fault at all. She would let Carolyn get close to this special boy to be born, perhaps be his godma or something (this suggestion was by this blogger).

Children are gifts from God! They belong to God and parents have been given responsibility to care and nurture them until they become a blessing to the world for God's glory!

Together, Shannon and Carolyn, and your respective husbands, Sean and Paul, nurture this kid to become a testimony for Christ!

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