Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I read with concern in The Malay Mail last week about a concert in Singapore of the famous Lady Gaga. She spoke to a 10,000-strong audience, using the F-word frequently and mostly teenagers in the crowd would respond with wild cheers! To my horror, there are some parents there who also cheered together with their children. And I heard about this “Drake” guy who had a song in the top of the charts, the chorus is absolutely vulgar. His U Tube video of this song garnered almost 20 million hits!

Even the Christian Miley Cyrus (her father is also a Christian) who is idolised by teenagers the world over, dressed and danced sexily in the recent Teens Choice Awards ceremony. She also said publicly that Britney Spears was her idol.

What is happening to teenagers today in our country? These are my views and opinions...

1. They are constantly looking for pleasures and hoping to get approval from parents, pastors and other adults (If someone disagrees, they may nod their heads but inside, “Who cares what you think?”)

2. They don’t like adults who guard their every move.

3. They think they have learned enough and are strong enough to face the world.

4. They think they can come back anytime if they fail or fall. (They often take consequences for granted)

5. They think that being cool (using F-words, scantily dressed, clubbing etc..) is the way of life. (Parents and adults are from the ‘older’ generation.) Certain mannerisms like greeting an elderly person or saying sorry are not cool.

6. They give up easily because they think there are lots of alternatives around.

7. They tend to rush and often miss what God is doing or saying, in the world filled with instant quick messaging services like MSN, SMS, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and etc....

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