Friday, September 18, 2009


I was actually disturbed recently to read about my own country's people actually starving. The Penans, a tribal (Bumiputera) people in Sarawak, were running short of food and some of the girls were raped by workers especially belonging to the logging companies as being reported. The shortage of food is recent but rapes have been going on for some time, without any action being taken from the authorities. I thank God now, their plight has been highlighted by the newspapers and everyone now knows about the Penans. This tribal group is mostly my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I want to thank God for Father Sylvester Ding (Two thumbs up for the Dings) for organising and delivering food for these people. Malaysia has boasted of sky scrapers, super highways, food haven and incredible numbers of rich people but starvation in our own backyard? What is happening, man??

Lately, the government is talking about getting into Formula One with Lotus (owned by Proton), a complete Malaysian outfit. Some people have estimated it would cost about RM1 billion to continuously manage the outfit in Formual One.

Formula One - RM1 billion
Penans - Starvation.

I think the government should rethink the decision. Unless we can get foreign sponsors for the Race in Formula One, please forget about getting famous!

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