Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Internet is 40 years old. 1969 was the year where the first e-mail was sent from one computer to another in a research done in the United States. Then Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn developed it and called it "Internet' in 1974. In 1988, Internet became commercial and later domain names using dot-com and others came into play.

Time travel back to around 1988. I was at Richard Chong's place and he was talking to me about Internet when we had our music practice in his home. During that time, I was excited of such advance technology but couldn't comprehend how it play out in the future.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee completes the original software for the World Wide Web (WWW) and since then, nothing and no one can stop its Tsunamic (if you have such a word) growth. The Internet was used by just a few when it first came out, and now, a whopping 1.5 to 2 billion people using the Internet! With wireless connection and I Phones getting extremely popular, there is no stopping its growth.

Only 40 years and the world is shrinking into a global kampung. Right now, everything is open before our eyes, including very early and unhealthy sex education (or should I say sex exploration)! Internet has become such a part of our lives that I don't know of anyone who has not got into Internet at all. It's like saying to that person, "Hey, get a life!"

By the way, Internet is not a surprise to our Mighty Creator God. Anyway, every raw material that mankind uses and every drop of wisdom used to create things comes from Him. There is in fact, nothing new under the sun. God sees Internet coming to serve His purpose. I believe when Jesus comes again, Internet will come in handy or should I say "sighty" where U Tube that features His return will have historic number of hits and downloads! Blogs, Facebook and Twitter will discuss nothing else except Jesus and His return.

PS: I wonder whether Jesus would set up Facebook or a Blog when He comes back to rule!

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