Wednesday, December 23, 2009


CHRISTMAS is just two days away and the shopping malls are being filled with Christmas decorations and shoppers, busy buying gifts for family and friends. Mostly last minute shopping. And the malls and most shoppers have one thing in common - they know not what Christmas means. Even Christians, planning parties, singing carollings just to add to the festive cheer and exchanging of gifts have also lost the true spirit of Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas is alright but losing the opportunity to tell the true story of the birth Jesus is losing the point of it all. In fact, 25th December is not really the actual birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. But when the world somehow adopts 25th December as the birth of Christ, we have a wonderful opportunity to share the truth of God's love to mankind.

Although the cross is the centre of Christianity, the virgin birth of Christ started it all. The devil knew a little of the plan of God of sending a Messiah and that's why he wanted to destroy the baby before the King could be born. But God protected Joseph and Mary until the birth of baby Jesus, fulfilling age old prophecy of Emmanuel in prophet Isaiah. Emmanuel means “God with us” says it all. At last, God became flesh, visited the earth He created. He needed to come, the baby Jesus must be born.

The world needs a Saviour not Superman or Obama. It’s absolutely out of pure love that God sends His only Son to the world. Sin separates God with mankind but His love reconciles sinners to Him. Love gives God no choice but to bridge the gap of brokenness between God and man by a great price. The cute baby Jesus was born to be that price. Would any mothers or fathers understand the feeling of knowing that their only baby born would only result in a terrible death? What a price God paid to set us free! And sometimes we take for granted the birth of Jesus on Christmas day!

It is NOT about parties, Christmas trees, gifts and even carolling for fun that God intends Christmas to be but to explain with passion, the virgin birth of Christ, a Saviour born to set mankind free.

Truly good tidings to you, wherever you are! Merry Christmas!

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