Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Awesome God and awesome happenings at APYAC!

It was an awesome experience for me as I witnessed how God moved so powerfully in the conference. I was always at the back corner of the church during the sessions because of the bag(gage) I was carrying as I was the mobile central bank for YAM. It was a vantage point to see all the amazing things that were happening.


The speakers were superb, especially Pastor Mike Pilavachi (although I heard the sermon before) and just like those participants, I wanted more of the Word of God! And there was our very own Youth Alive Director, Rev. Clement Wong who spoke Word of God boldly (sometimes aggresively) but it was timely! Nations need to hear and that's what the theme of this conference was all about, "Speak to the nations". The main anchor for the event, Rev. Julie Khoo was absolutely fantastic, hit all the right godly buttons everytime!


Twenty nine nations involved in APYAC and I dare say all came out of this conference touched and inspired! Although in the last days, where breakdown of religions were shown in each country and Christianity is often the minority, and much work needed to be done, there was a big HOPE that with our God, we are always the majority. Personally, I don't trust statistics because only God knows how many are truly His!

Different nationalities have come to me and said some great comments about the conference and I can see in their faces that they will be going back and do great things for their respective nation! One of the most memorable moments in APYAC was the unity shown in the Asia Pacific nations! With God, nothing is impossible!


The YAM committee have prepared this event for the last one year and on the last few weeks before the conference, it was a little bit messy with so many nations coming from everywhere, sometimes different flights and time. Furthermore, we have to arrange transportation and accomodations for some delegates as they just saved enough money for airfares and fees. Yes, YAM has prepared the groundwork but it was the GTPJ members (including parents support team) that implemented everything on the grounds during the conference. The huge responsibilities of actual running of this event were rested on their shoulders and they came out with top marks! Whenever I went around, I see smiling faces! I cannot describe what kind of people are you guys! I salute you all! (I also salute my church volunteers too who also serve with smiles on their faces and I am so proud of them)


The presentations from different nations were one of the highlights of APYAC to me. I see a glimpse of heaven where different tribes, tongues, nationality coming together for one purpose: to glorify the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME - JESUS CHRIST! At the end of everything, Jesus deserves all praise and glory and honour!

The worship was fantastic! The bands from Indonesia and the Philippines were awesome! Brad, Rebecah and the team's songs were absolutely timely and somehow I believed God gave them inspiration for those songs to be written for such a conference as this! Last but not least, the YAM band, from various churches with some African flavour really brought out the best from the youth in worship! Especially the last night, it was simply magnificent just to sense the awesome presence of God!

The last night symbolic carrying of the cross across nations was something extraordinary! The cross of Jesus started it all! Then men and women who sacrificed their lives for the gospel, bringing it to nations not their own. And with their examples of sacrifices, so too, the next generation must dare take the challenge to step out and not only to take their nations for Jesus but also nations beyond their borders!


Until the whole world hears, we will serve and pray and give sacrificially!

See you at APYAC 2012


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