Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Tomorrow Youth Alive Malaysia (YAM) is hosting APYAC (Asia Pacific Youth Alive Conference)! All in all, more than 1400 young people have registered, coming from all over Asia Pacific including Africa and the UK! I am privileged and honoured to be involved, albeit a small part in this youth event of the year in Malaysia. All I can say today is, "Let's bring it on!"

The planning started last year and it got to a feverish phase especially last few days, with so many angles needed to be covered. I thank God for Glad Tidings PJ for their wonderful and able workers who literally work round the clock to make this event a success! They did an excellent preparatory work which helps tremendously when APYAC kicks off tomorrow!

What I expect from APYAC....

1. Jesus Christ will be magnified and glorified!

2. Youth will be challenged to stand for Jesus no matter what!

3. Leaders, missionaries will be raised up by God in this conference!

4. Youth will be set free from all kinds of distractions and bondages to serve God all the way!

5. All participants will be blessed by the ever-gracious God who will pour out His grace in abundance. Everyone will be touched in a personal and powerful way!

Hallelujah! Amen!

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