Wednesday, February 10, 2010


John Terry, the Chelsea star and England Football Team captain was caught commiting adultery recently with Vanessa Perroncel. John's wife found out about it and brought her two children to Dubai to think things over. Vanessa was formerly the live-in girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, another former Chelsea football player who had a child through her. Ironically, John Terry was voted as the best dad the year previously and all that ended when the sex scandal broke out.

The first game after the news, Chelsea against Hull, the fans began jeering him. They were shouting, "Terry! Terry! Where's your wife?" and when one of his teammates came on as a substitute called Ashley, another famous football star, the crowd was shouting, 'Ashley! Ashley! Watch your wife!" I believe that has devastated him! Thank God his club manager and the teammates are really supportive of him. The club released him to go to Dubai to secure forgiveness from his wife and perhaps heal the marriage.

The last home game that Chelsea played Arsenal, John found out that his fans at Chelsea remained loyal to him. They gave him a standing ovation after the game! It was something that John would cherish for the rest of his life. Friends in need are friends indeed.

"On a personal note I'd like to thank every single fan today, it's a really emotional day for myself and the way the fans have been with me for the last two weeks, honestly it's incredible, I didn't expect that today,' he told the club's official channel.

Things we can learn...

1. Sin has its consequences! It brings pleasure for a short moment but pain that could last a long time, even a life time!

2. When someone is down and out, please refrain from jeering him/her because you will never know when will be your turn. Point one finger at others, four are pointing back at you!

3. We need supporting friends around us when we are down and out! Let us learn to spur one another on and render help to your friends who are hurting.

4. Being famous and rich come great temptations!

John Terry, do not let your wife, children, club, fans and most of all, God, down again!

PS: I am a Liverpool fan and even though I may not like Chelsea but I love people!

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