Thursday, February 18, 2010


I went to a movie on Chinese New Year with my wife and her family members - almost 15 of us. It was a Jackie Chan's movie which I used to enjoy when I was young. I was fascinated with his daring acrobatic skills and his funny action scenes. And my wife and I did not know the movie was in Mandarin and we have no synopsis whatsoever.

When I came out of the movie, I was deeply impressed! Normally I see Jackie Chan's movie only for the action scenes but this show, it is for its content. The story is about two warring states, the Liang and the Wei, fighting each other during China's darkest days. It ended out in one fight that all was killed except a Liang foot soldier (JC) and a Wei's general. The general (Wang Lee Hom) was hurt and the little soldier helped himself to being the victor, capturing the prize possesion, the general.

The determination of this little foot soldier in maintaining his stand that war was never a solution won the heart and mind of this general. This little soldier did not even want to become a soldier but was enlisted by force.

To cut the long story short, when he arrived to his homeland, he decided to let the general (who would become king of Wei later) go. The last scene was dramatic that when he stepped onto his land once again, he found out that his state was taken over by another army in China called the Qin. He refused to give up Liang's flag he brought back and was shot to death.

History tells us (if it's true) that when Qin's state tried to conquer Wei where the general had ascended as king, the former general did not want to fight, simply surrendering to Qin state, thus uniting China. There was peace in the land where once the little soldier held so dear. Never had he imagined that as a little soldier, he was involved in the peace process of the whole land of China by convincing the general about the ugly truths of war.

When we do God's work, thinking it could be insignificant, we will never know how God can use it for greater things. Paul never knew Mark would one day write the Gospel when he took back little young Mark as his co-worker. Philemon never knew slave Onesimus could become a Bishop of Ephesus when he chose to forgive him. Someone could have influenced young Billy Graham, David Livingstone or Mother Theresa and thought they could be insignificant but what they did change the world!

The point: Don't despise small things!

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