Tuesday, February 2, 2010


They came to rescue the children from suffering hunger, violence and preventing child trafficking from kidnappers for prostitution! But the group of 10 Christians (from Baptist churches) who came from Idaho, United States were caught by the Haitian authorities for taking the children without permission to a neigbouring country. They did it in order to bring the children to orphanage homes in a safer neighbouring country. Their dedication for God and the love for children are supposed to be praised but somehow was perceived as child trafficking and kidnappings.

What went wrong?

1. They thought the authorities didn't mind as the country was plunged into chaos after the terrifying earthquakes. They were lots of uncertainties everywhere in the country and only the right minded people would save the children first.

2. They felt it is urgent to save as many children as possibly so did not check with the authorities first. Those who know the will of God shall not make haste. They were hasty but they have good hearts.

3. The Haiti president was angry because he thought the Christians came with evil intent to kidnap those children for adoptions. And all they did was to love the children who are affected by the earthquake. They already prepared homes for orphanges in a neighbouring country which could be safer for the children at the time being.

4. And then there was a Haitian pastor who helped them and that another reason their confidence was strengthened further.

Let us pray for our ten brothers and sisters who for the love of God and love for the children got caught in a times of confusion. Let us pray that they would be released to their families, clearing their names that they came without any evil intention at all.

May the Lord God grant them and their families grace and peace in this time of uncertainty! The Lord sees your commitment and sacrifice of love!

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